Design Your Dream Space: 4 Tricks to Picking the Perfect Paint Color

Did you know that something as simple as color can add thousands to your house’s potential value? Zillow has found that homes can sell for more than 5k over asking... just by having a consistent, neutral, and synergistic color palette!

Your home should be your place of serenity where you can completely unwind after a long and busy day. The psychological role that colors play is so vital to design― it just can’t be overlooked!

Many people don’t realize how many simple elements that already exist in the home can elevate the tone and vibrancy of their spaces. Elements such as natural and mechanical lighting, furniture and flooring choices, and the size of the room all play a role in the impact and consistency of your color. Read on to learn the four simple considerations to perfecting your paint colors.

1.   Optimize your palette to compliment your space

The color you paint your walls will determine the mood, style, and utility of the room. Color has a substantial impact on both feeling and concentration level- that’s why many kitchens have light paint, and many bedrooms or basements are darker. In addition, the color of a room will change the perceived size of the room.


Concentration pertains to the concentration or intensity of the color. This can be an important consideration depending on the lighting choices in your room! It’s been proven that brightly lit areas engage the mind and improve concentration. In contrast, darker rooms typically encourage relaxation and are more commonly found in bedrooms or rest areas. Brightness isn’t the only “concentration factor” ― colors are also associated with feelings.


Paint color sets the mood of the room, influencing the feelings of your family and friends. Purple, blue, and green are often calming. However, while bright yellow and orange may light up the room, they also have been associated with anxiety or unrest. Red has been associated with hunger in some cases. So, make sure that the color paint you chose allows for either the alertness or restfulness of the room.


Wall color and sheen determine how light reflects, which determines how large or small a room feels. Light neutral colors typically reflect the most light, regardless of sheen, and therefore make a room feel large and airy-- that’s why it’s popular in many current home designs. However, dark rooms or accent walls are also trending, making a room feel cozy, dramatic, or artistic.

Accent walls are a fun way to get both an airy space with a dramatic, darker touch. In addition, it can supply a focal point in the room to highlight your decor, family photos, and light fixtures!

2.   Make your paint pop with natural lighting consideration

A moody room with great natural light. Photo: Sherwin-Williams

When choosing your paint color, natural lighting brings a variety of elements to consider. Your paint color can be influenced by ambient lighting and natural shadows, which can change the hue and the energy that your paint color brings to your room.

Natural lighting is likely affecting your space more than you think! For example, depending on where your windows face, you will get different warmth from the sun, affecting the perceived color of your paint. Eastern morning light introduces a blue tinge to the room, while the western evening light can bring a warm and yellow tone. When choosing a color, you should consider painting a few sample strokes onto the wall to evaluate what it looks like at different points in the day.

Lighting will change the perceived color in two main ways:

  • Differences in hue: this refers to the dominant primary color. For example, a grey can have a blue hue, a green hue, or a warm/red hue.
  • Differences in contrast: warm light will blend colors, while cool light will likely make color differences starker.

By doing an in-depth color analysis, you can capture the exact mood and tone you want to set in the room as you upgrade your space― automatically adding to resale value should you ever put it on the market.

3.   Tie your flooring choice into your room with vibrant paint colors

Your paint choice can be a powerful way to tie in the flooring options that your home already has, or compliment new flooring. The two design elements can work synergistically to bring a unique energy to the room. For example, natural wooden floors or laminate flooring can bring a warmer tone into the room and would do well with neutral, warmer colors.

In contrast, if you have concrete, stone, or marble elements in your floor choices, cooler colors may be a stronger possibility to minimize differences and potential clashing. While colors do not need to match explicitly, many homeowners prefer complementary colors from the same color family― don’t overlook your floors when choosing your perfect paint color!

It is also important to note that you should experiment with colors that will enhance the beauty that your flooring choices bring into the room― you’ll want each design element to work together in one cohesive flow of the design.

4.   Pair your colors with beautiful lighting options

Unique light fixtures and lamps can be like “jewelry” to your space and bring different hues in your room colors. Since color can look so different in natural and man-made light, make sure to consider your paint choices at different times of the day. Then you won’t be surprised once the entire room looks greener or bluer at night than you intended it to be.

While artificial light itself will impact the color of your paint, the color and style of the light fixtures will also affect how your wall paint will look. For example, you can pair a more neutral paint with pops of colorful light fixtures to pull a deeper color from the wall. Or you can balance a bold paint color with neutral light fixtures if you’re looking for a more dramatic look.

Still not sure how to pick the perfect paint colors?

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