Interior Design Trends 2023: What to Consider and Ignore for a Quick Home Sale

It’s no secret that as the real estate industry continues to be very competitive, home buyers are looking at more than just the number of bedrooms and bathrooms when they tour properties. They're also looking at the interior design of a place to get a sense of how it would look and feel to live there. Well-curated and updated homes are highly desirable and usually sell for top dollar. At the same time, homes that are designed with only the latest trends in mind, will become outdated quickly and be yesterday’s news before that new shade of mauve paint can dry. In this blog post, we'll walk through some of the biggest interior design trends for 2023 that all homeowners should consider—and which ones can be ignored.

Trends to Adopt

One trend that is sure to be popular in 2023 is sustainability. Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the environment and want to incorporate more eco-friendly elements into their homes. This could mean anything from installing solar panels or investing in energy-efficient appliances & windows to using recycled materials or repurposed furniture.

Another trend that is top-of-mind with home buyers is neutral and earth-tone paints, backsplash tile, and flooring. The days of everything gray are long gone, and design trends are leaning more towards neutral whites and greige paints, followed by lighter-colored flooring and earthy and bright tile selections.

Finally, texture and black matte will be big in 2023 when it comes to interior design trends. This trend focuses on making spaces look lush and inviting by incorporating different textures, patterns, and neutral colors into one room. Think velvet cushions paired with wicker furniture and luxurious throws—the possibilities are endless! Black matte with some touches of gold is also heavily trending when it comes to lighting fixtures, plumbing hardware, and cabinet and door hardware. By emphasizing these updates in your listings, you’ll be able to show potential buyers how they can really make a space their own with minimal effort but maximum impact.

Trends To Ignore

All-white minimalism – especially when it comes to the kitchen – has had its 15 minutes of fame! Buyers are now more interested in

All white & modern kitchens are now outdated!

warm wood tones, texture, and functionality in the areas that are used most – kitchens and bathrooms. Warm, cozy, and inviting rooms are sure to excite buyers, ultimately resulting in a quick sale for top dollar.

Bold colors on the walls in rich hues of greens, browns, and pinks are starting to make a major comeback. However, these very trendy colors may not be everyone’s taste. Stick to light and bright neutral colors throughout the home if you want to appeal to a wide array of buyers.

Accent walls and well-executed millwork can be an asset in any home remodel, but it is possible to overdo it. Don’t go overboard with the board and batten or fluted wall panels. Pick one or two rooms that would benefit from this type of wall treatment and make sure the overall aesthetic works with the rest of the home’s design style.


The key takeaway here is that there are plenty of exciting interior design trends coming up in 2023 that realtors and homeowners should recognize and leverage when marketing their properties! Sustainability will continue to be important as people become more mindful of environmental impacts; meanwhile warm and neutral décor with lots of texture will add personality and life into any home without having to invest too much money or effort upfront for renovations! Finally, super minimalist decor or the latest shade of pink won't have nearly as much pull this year - so avoid including either one in your listings unless specifically requested by potential buyers! All things considered now's the perfect time to capitalize on these upcoming trends!

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