5 Unique Uses for that Outdated Formal Living Room Space

Do you have a formal living room that you don’t use? If so, it might be time to repurpose it. With the right interior design, your unused formal living room can become an inviting and functional space for all sorts of activities. Whether you want to create a cozy reading nook or turn it into a home office, there are plenty of ways to make the most out of this room.

  1. Create a reading nook or library - With the right furniture and decor, you can turn your formal living room into a cozy and inviting place to read. Add a comfortable armchair or sofa, an ottoman, some throw pillows, and a few bookshelves to create the perfect space for curling up with a good book. You can even add dimmable lighting to create an extra vibe of relaxation.Curated Home Office
  2. Transform it into a home office - If you’re working from home or need a more focused workspace in your house, consider turning your unused formal living room into an office area. Add adjustable desks, task chairs for comfort, and plenty of storage for organizing documents and supplies. The addition of a door for privacy and noise control will help define the space and work to maximize productivity.
  3. Make it a home theater. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy movies and shows with family, consider turning your unused formal living room into a home theater. Invest in comfortable seating, a large smart TV, and surround sound speakers, then add some blackout curtains or shades to complete the illusion of being in a movie theater.
  4. Turn it into a game room. An unused formal living room can easily be turned into an exciting game room for everyone to enjoy. Add board games, card tables, gaming consoles, and plenty of other fun activities for hours of entertainment.

    Consider turning your formal living room into a game room

    Don’t forget to install proper lighting – recessed lights on a dimmer, along with sconces and lamps will provide a variety of options so you can set the proper mood for video games or family trivia night.

  5. Use it for recreational activities. From yoga and meditation to craft projects, there are plenty of ways to use your unused formal living room for recreational activities. Install some mirrors on the walls so you can watch yourself practice yoga poses or bring in a folding table and storage containers for all your crafting materials. With interior design elements like rugs, cushions, or task seating, you can make the space even more inviting and functional.

Long gone are the days of formal family gatherings in big rooms filled with fancy furniture. If you have an unused space that is collecting dust, some minor design changes can turn a boring space into the heart of the home. Think about what your family likes to do at home or what need your home is not currently filling for how you live. From that, create a plan to transform your living space into rooms that everyone in the family can utilize and enjoy.







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